The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab are preparing for their next big move

The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab are on hand to help you make the most of your limited time. It’s “climate emergency time,” which means “the environment is on the brink of disaster and climate change is an existential threat.”

Part 2 of the ‘Great Narrative’ Project’s Great Reset:

If everyone on the planet agrees to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions,” the so-called “great reset” promises to build “a more secure, more equal, and more stable world.”

However, such a comprehensive plan for a new world order would not have been possible without a global crisis that shocked society to its core, whether it was manufactured or unfortunate happenstance.

The so-called “great reset” promises to build “a more secure, more equal, and more stable world” if everyone on the planet agrees to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

Let’s Take a Step Back

With hundreds of millions of deaths, economic collapse, and societal upheaval, the pandemic proved to be the most devastating in history. simulation of an outbreak caused by the Clade X pathogen (May 2018)

A hypothetical pandemic dubbed “Clade X” was created by the WEF and Johns Hopkins in May 2018 to test how well the world would be prepared should such a crisis ever arise.

Almost a year after the first pandemic exercise, the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, organized Event 201 in October 2019.

According to the results of both models, the world is unprepared in the event of a global pandemic.

Soon after that, on March 11, 2020, WHO officially declared that the coronavirus had reached pandemic status after concluding Event 201 (which specifically simulated an outbreak of the coronavirus).

To say that the next pandemic will have a significant impact on the global economy and society is an understatement. — Pandemic simulation Event 201. (October 2019)

Clade X and Event 201 simulations have covered nearly every possible outcome since then, including:

  • Governments around the world are enforcing lockdowns.
  • The demise of a large number of businesses
  • Governments and citizens are increasingly distrustful of each other.
  • An increase in the use of biometric surveillance systems
  • Anti-misinformation censorship on social media
  • There is a strong desire to flood social media with “authoritative” information.
  • Personal protective gear is lacking around the world.
  • Supply chains around the world are breaking down.
  • Unemployment is at an all-time high.
  • Rallying in the street
  • And there’s still more!

By the middle of 2020, the worst-case scenarios had come to fruition, and the WEF’s founder declared that “now is the time for a great reset.”

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Did WEF and partners’ accurate forecasting, planning, and modeling play a role in the success of Clade X and Event 201, or was there something else at play?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has repeatedly echoed Klaus Schwab’s call for a “great reset” since 2014.

The World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab Part II

Every single page of Klaus Schwab’s latest manifesto, “The Great Narrative,” which serves as part two of his The Great Reset book series, is filled with this call to action.

The Great Narrative is an attempt to keep us on our toes in the wake of COVID Mania’s demise. Klaus Schwab’s credentialed elite has issued a call for sweeping action, calling it a “climate emergency.” Relentlessly, it tries to convince us that drastic tyrannical action is the only way to save the climate. Furthermore, by tampering with our planet’s climate, he intends to impose a totalitarian global governance order on all nations.

“We” must adopt the ideas and policy preferences of 50 hand-picked ‘narrators’ interviewed for the book, who Schwab describes as ‘global thinkers and public intellectuals,’ according to him, in order to rapidly transform the world according to the designs of a technocratic elite.

According to Schwab, The Great Narrative’ is a “call to action” that goes “beyond the realm of theory.”

The Great Narrative is an excellent resource for diabolical schemes and plots and for anyone who wants to learn more about how the world has changed since the pandemic began and how we can improve our resilience, equity, and sustainability.

The Book “IS NOT” For a Better Future

The book acknowledges the magnitude and diversity of the challenges we face as a society. Economic, environmental, geopolitical, social, and technological issues are all of critical importance. The good news is that we can and should find solutions like getting these devils out of our midst. There are tyrannical and diabolical narratives proposed around them in The Great Narrative. As a result, it’s a gloomy tome chock full of doomsday scenarios ready to doom us into obscurity. Human ingenuity, creativity, and innate sociality will all be controlled by billionaires and trillionaires in the future, according to this theory.

 As our societies and economies recover from the pandemic and embark on a path to radical and accelerated change, we believe that they should be… attuned to the needs of our global commons.

While Schwab is open to a narrow range of political and ideological viewpoints, there is one group that should not be dismissed out of hand. Individuals and organizations who disagree with his climate narrative are, of course, included in this group. Schwab’s contempt for these rogue actors is unmistakable, as he points out with disgust that they are largely based in the US. Nationalists, populists, individualists, and supporters of free markets are all enemies of Schwab’s kumbaya world, he claims.

In October 2019, participants at a pandemic response exercise called Event 201 were confronted with a hypothetical scenario to test the world’s preparedness for a viral disease outbreak.

Conspiracy theorists, according to Schwab, are to blame for all of the world’s problems. People who support anti-science movements, as Schwab puts it, “prolong” the COVID-19 pandemic, which is “hindering both public health, and more fundamentally, our ability to move forward in unison,” according to the author of the piece.

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The author has had enough of the evildoers who draw his ire. There is no time to waste for Schwab, who has his sights set on the prize.

As he writes, “the most important issues of our times are climate action, sustainability, inclusivity, global cooperation, health and well-being.

Global economic growth and political stability could be jeopardized if we don’t take action immediately and decisively, Schwab warns.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), delivers a speech at Nankai University in Tianjin, China, September 11, 2010.

CEO of the WEF But NOT the WORLD

The CEO of the World Economic Forum demonstrates his ideological dedication to the climate agenda on page after page. To stop our ecosystem from collapsing and stabilizing the climate, he argues that we are facing the “most complex, ambitious, and far-reaching endeavor humanity has ever faced.” He calls climate change our greatest collective action problem yet.

Throughout his work, Klaus Schwab exhibits an unbelievable faith in Wicked God and frequently reminds the reader of his seemingly limitless technological capabilities. Regularly, he shows his belief in the deity-like powers of the technocrats under his command and their ability to bring about unprecedented levels of happiness and order once they unite all of their collective expertise.

“Inequality,” especially when it comes to money, is a major concern for Schwab. However, he prefers a system of state control to one that would allow people more freedom and reduce “demonstrations and social unrest.”

One of the main goals of this book is to help advance the climate change agenda by advocating for a “new social contract.”

He believes that the world’s central banks should be consolidated around climate action.

Despite the fact that this “transition” period may be difficult for some, they advocate for the use of “nature-based solutions” to boost economic productivity.

Other topics discussed by Schwab and his co-authors include the “bioeconomy,” or the targeted destruction of reliable sources of energy while forcing people to consume “alternative food protein sources” like beans and bugs.

In order to influence global temperatures, “climate engineering,” such as blocking the sun, is an option. Laws of nature is a concept that they cannot face.

As the comic book villain he is, Klaus Schwab exposes the truly insane, extremist agenda of the World Economic Forum, which serves as the go-to policy and idea shop of the ruling class through its Davos forum, in The Great Narrative. As the “great narratives” of the global elite begin to emerge, this book is essential reading. There is very little genuine, overt evil to be found in the world today. We have Klaus and the World Economic Forum to thank for the “climate emergency” Trojan horse hijacking of our liberties.

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