Nivea’s Secret the Collection – NFT Art

‘Nivea’s Secret the Collection.’ is the first NFT art collection from the Editor-in-Chief for WebWorlds.US, Dope Fiend Beats music producer Steafon Perry. Steafon also doubles as a virtual reality painter and focused on specializing in digital compositions portraying visionary dream worlds through repeated layering and depth experimentation.

Steafon is quite the music producer as well. He is a creative that brings vibrant, visceral and audio graphics to the music NFT art space.

Simple elements like colors, patterns, and gradients are transformed by Steafon into iridescent digital works of art. The intricate patterns and designs created, make use of colors and light in ways that are physically impossible in our 3D realm of a world.

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Groove Time

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The Avatars

The Avatars

So, what exactly are NFTs?

Digital certificates of authenticity called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) make it possible to trade and track images.

Once these tokens are traded, they are gone forever. Anything that can be converted into a digital format can be turned into an NFT, including drawings, songs, and more. Though Dogecoin itself isn’t a non-fungible token (NFT), a GIF depicting the cryptocurrency is.

Even though an NFT’s supporting digital file can be downloaded and shared with anyone, only the NFT’s owner will actually own the underlying title. People are willing to pay millions of dollars for NFTs because of the ownership rights they provide, and it appears that this trend will continue as more and more people start trading NFTs.

The secret of NFT artworks:

  • Originality and unique expressiveness of the art itself.
  • Style & Colors and of course the Quality plays a important role
  • last but not the least A GREAT IDEA!


In Da Game

One of the most revolutionary aspects of the NFT market is that artists can sell their works directly to consumers without the help of traditional market intermediaries like galleries and auction houses, albeit at a cost to the purchasers who put up the money to purchase the NFTs. NFT marketplaces are beginning to develop hierarchies.

To those that think NFTs are just about money, it is not. However, this should be a lesson that the true power of [Web 3.0] is the ability for people to connect, build, and share in a decentralized way

Steafon is still working out the most suitable platform and possibly hosting his own gallery, his NFT work will be LIVE very soon.

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The Panthers

Nivea’s Secret NFT Art Collection

Nivea's Secret the Collection

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