Humanity’s New World Order

In the end, this is how we’ll save the world – for real

In these difficult times, my heart goes out to anyone afraid. As a result, I’d like to share some words of encouragement.

Make no mistake about it: This isn’t an end to the world, but rather the birth of many good things on the planet.

This is even though we’re seeing the implementation of the evilest plans ever devised, both on Earth and in the realms of the supernatural.

Praying for Australia was on my mind recently… Those imprisoned by criminals who have no regard for human decency and morality are heartbreaking to me. I was taken aback by the response. I was told this:

There will be a large amount of Australian aid coming our way.”


Because you’d expect to hear, “Australia will receive great deliverance,” I was a little perplexed at first. The phrase that stuck in my head was, “… deliverance will come from Australia.”

My initial thoughts on this led me to the conclusion that this is already taking place. As a result of Australia’s incredible tyranny, liberation fighters across the continent are rising to warn the rest of humanity.

A large number of the most popular viral videos and posts are coming from Australia, and they’re spreading like wildfire. This wonderful country is already emitting a loud rumble of truth, awakening, and freedom.

What I’m trying to demonstrate to you is that evil powers can always be used for good. Always.

There will be more freedom as a result of more tyrannical regimes. In Russia, too, we see this. For the first time in a long time, the president of this great country is speaking out against communism.

The country that was once known for its oppression is now the world’s most outspoken advocate for liberty.

The same thing is happening in the United States as it is in the United Kingdom and Europe: a large number of people are standing up and shouting “NO!” in opposition to these atrocities. All over the world, you’re seeing something that will change history profoundly:

The good guys are getting involved in schools, local government, media, health care, and so on. This is the first time that the majority of us have ever been interested in politics or our communities.

Earlier today, I spoke with a doctor who is planning to build a hospital for the people, by the people. That’s just one.

Greetings, freedom fighters! This attack by the wicked is exactly what humanity needs. Seeing this level of depravity is desperately needed. Without us knowing, it has operated for millennia without us noticing.

However, it has been enslaving mankind since the beginning of time. When this worldwide network of evil is finally exposed, judged, and expelled from the world, it will finally be over.

The world will not be saved by a divine superhero appearing out of thin air. That won’t help us in any way. Reread: that is not going to help us.

Think about it: Is it beneficial for a child if their parents do everything for them all the time? Not at all. Adulthood is the time when a child learns to make the right decisions and grows into a wise, pure, and powerful person who can make a positive impact on the world.

It is not in God’s best interest for us to wait around for him to take care of everything for us. When we are unable to do anything, it makes us feel like little children.

A higher power can remove the bad guys, but if the good people do not learn anything, new bad guys will simply take their place. It’s because we wouldn’t have learned anything.

We have to do something about it.

We must stand up.

We must take control of our destiny.

We must educate ourselves to become wise.

No one can do anything if everyone on Earth is on the side of the good.

The wicked have been able to completely take over the world because the good people haven’t been involved in the things that matter in this world. To put it another way, please pay attention and refrain from taking offense when I say the following:

Don’t be fooled into thinking that religion is anything other than a form of oppression.

Good and evil; light and darkness; goodness and wickedness; these are the fundamentals of our existence, and I am not talking about religion here. This world is in desperate need of this realm of love, which is the source of life when I speak of our Creator. We must reject all forms of darkness and evil and choose the reality of love and truth instead.

REIGN WITH ME was what he referred to that.


All of humanity is not being told to be religious and irrelevant and wait for the “end of the world”; rather, this is a message for everyone. The message that we should all take away from this is the exact opposite:

Bring about a healing effect. Liberate yourself. Bring back the glory. Do your part to bring down the dimension of evil and love and goodness by being Almighty’s children, his sons, and daughters.

“Don’t try to heal the world but wait to escape it,” religion advises. For the wicked, this mindset was a way to make the good guys less effective than any other human being.

While wicked rule and reign in the courts, governments, health care, entertainment, and so on, your churches should remain irrelevant to the real world.’

As a result of the mistranslation of key Bible passages, believers were made to believe that their primary role in life was to wait for an easy exit, rendering them completely ineffective and irrelevant to society. This is a very clever, but ultimately unsuccessful, plan. (See the study at the bottom of this post.)

When it comes to the number of churches in the United States, it’s hard to argue with that fact: Every street has at least one church, and many streets have multiple churches. Because they have no power in our government, media, or major industries.

Criminals occupy the highest seats in the house. Rather than fleeing the world, they focus on conquering the world.

Children of Light are tasked with spreading love and truth around the world. Everywhere, extinguish the darkness.

It is your mission to spread the message of hope and life to the entire world, as a royal people.

The good news isn’t simply, “Believe so you can have afterlife insurance.” No. This is the message: ‘Believe that the dimension of love, called the kingdom of God, is among us and brings this dimension everywhere, and this is what we should do.

To make a difference, we have been entrusted to you. Be the ones who change the world around us. Use these archaic terms to bring heaven to earth and put an end to all expressions and workings of hell.

There are so many criminals around the world because the good guys didn’t do this, and instead stood on the sidelines as dark entities infiltrated the world.


Of course, I am generalizing, as there are always good people who oppose evil. But I’m referring to the vast majority of people. We have been duped into believing that governments, health care agencies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc., all care about us. While their sole motivation is to take advantage of others to further their own financial and political interests at the expense of others.

For humanity to thrive, it cannot and should not rely on the care of humans. Because he is love, the only One we can trust, we must put our faith in him.

Humanity has been enslaved for far too long, and we have enjoyed it. ‘Give me a pizza and a movie and I’ll be fine,’ we’d say as long as we could feel safe and secure. In no way, shape, or form should we aspire to be like that?

As we see the true face of those who claim to care for us and learn how we are being abused, deceived, stolen from, and imprisoned in this current world crisis, we realize that we must change. We must change our ways.

Removing the bad guys, it’s only a matter of time. What possible benefits could that possibly provide? Ten other criminals showed up to replace the incarcerated one. Don’t fall for the ruse.

It is not the existence of evil entities that are of issue. The real problem is the lack of good people. It’s time to stop spending all of our time in church and start waging war on insanity and corruption in the realms of politics, the media, healthcare, and education.

There is no such thing as darkness where light is present.

We live in a world where there are far more good people than bad. The bad guys, on the other hand, have told the good guys to back off and let them run things.

Saying, ‘You just sit here and wait for hell to arrive, dude,’
So here we have a problem…

The world is in desperate need of upright judges. Not the criminals’ favorite judges.

The tyranny of one judge can end.

It is possible for a single Sheriff to detain a corrupt governor.

It only takes one mother to bring the entire school board to task for the insanity that is wreaking havoc on our nation’s youth.

Stop relying on others for your happiness.
Be the answer this world needs by rising to the occasion.

Instead of a god who descends from heaven and exterminates evildoers so that good people can live their immature, lazy, and selfish lives in peace, our salvation comes from a loving God who allows us to grow up and mature.

Please don’t take offense at my candor at the moment.

Nevertheless, Jesus NEVER (!) stated that he would descend into being a dictator who forces people to be “good.”. What a load of crap! However, this is the belief of the majority of Christians.

It is prophesied that Christ will return, kill all of the unbelievers, and establish his kingdom over all of humanity. In that case, we’ll have peace. 😃
When was the last time a dictatorship brought about a better society?

No one can be made to love something they don’t want to.

The people themselves must be the agents of change.

True love, healing goodness, and liberating truth are all on their list of things to find.

People gladly leave the realm of darkness when they encounter this genuine love and goodness.

As a result, Christ said:

Invisible to the naked eye, my kingdom is what I call it. ‘My kingdom is within you,’ declares the Lord of hosts.

In our hearts, he transforms us into a dwelling place of love, and then he sends us out as ambassadors of love to change the world.

The wicked also operate in this manner. During satanic rituals, they are possessed by demons, who then begin to rule the world through them. Voodoo rituals are thrilling for Hillary Clinton because she can feel the demons entering her body, according to her autobiography. You have to be kidding me. In other words, they have a firm grasp of how the unseeable realms interact with and affect us as humans. Instead of waiting for a supernatural demon to manifest, they’ve already taken control of the entire planet. For these entities to work through them, they open their doors to them.

By becoming vessels of the other side, in which we dedicate ourselves to the Source of Life’s healing, we open the way for the world’s deliverance to be poured out through us.

We are all God’s children because he lives within us. For us, there is no need to wait for a new stone temple to be built. Every day of our lives, in the depths of our hearts.

The world needs real people who can spread love. You and I are the manifestations of this truth. The kind of goodness that can be demonstrated by actions rather than words.

We may all have different ideas about who the source of love is. That’s because the cabal has done everything it can to muddle things up as much as possible. In contrast, Christ was crystal clear about the purpose of his mission when he said:

Create a new generation of children of Love and send them out to heal the world. We can begin by bringing goodness into our own lives.

If the good people do nothing while the wicked work tirelessly to enslave and destroy this world, this world will not improve. It’s time for us to stop being consumers and babies and become warriors who daily connect with the One who is pure love, learn how to live in this wonderful dimension, and then release that amazing force of healing around us.

That’s what we’re here for. No, this is not “waiting for an exit.”

Rise to the occasion. Position yourself. Recognize the reality of a situation. To save the hurting children, you must allow yourself to feel the pain of humanity. And train yourself to be a warrior who will not only stand your ground against these demons but will also take their lives.

The world is eagerly awaiting our arrival.

Seize this moment to effect change in the world.

There you go.

That’s exactly what’s going on.

So there is a sense of optimism.

Now is the time for the wicked to be exposed, and the righteous to rise up and take their rightful place in society. New media, new health care, new politics, etc., are being created.

The Great Awakening has begun.

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