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Hello, my name is Steafon, Editor in Chief of “WebWorlds.US”, and I believe that if we choose to lean into our creative calling and stay true to it, we can all be positive forces in the world.

My passion is writing, so I do it.

I write to find out how we might have happier, more meaningful lives. I write in order to make sense of this wonderful phenomenon known as life. I write in order to inspire others. To be in amazement of the ordinary poetry of life, and to stay in awe of it. But, above all, I write because the act of writing itself makes me feel incredibly alive.

I write for anyone who wants to make a difference in their own life story. Everyone desiring to bask in the rays of courage within them and rise beyond their fears in order to begin doing the very thing that will move the rivers of their soul.

I write for you, the lifelong learner who is willing to delve into the wisdom of philosophy, the depths of psychology, and the limitless ocean of potential that exists inside you.

And my goal is simple: I want to show you how much fun it is to live a calm, purposeful, and creative life because that is the key to a lifetime of happiness.

What motivates me to accomplish this? Because words have such power. They inspire people to take action. They give birth to new concepts. They push you to think and ask questions. They also encourage you to reflect on yourself. To shine brightly and make a positive difference in your life.

Consider this: If we all learn to be, think, and act better, won’t we all be better together? Isn’t that going to make the world a better place for all of us? I think so, and I hope you do as well.

Truth be told, I’ve had some wonderful experiences during my stay on this planet, and it’s become evident that my desire is to leave this world with something beautiful, something that moves the soul. I’ll keep writing till I do…

Steafon Perry


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